‘It was funny…it never preached or lectured – it simply laid out facts and allowed the audience to reckon with it’ – Opera Now

How does an industry so obsessed with the voice leave its performers without one? PLASTIC BODIES invites its audience to be both participant and voyeur, shining a blacklight on hidden abuse in the opera industry. Darkly funny yet brutally familiar, this multimedia work uses voice, film, electronics and verbatim text to look at intimacy, ‘femininity’, and power, giving a voice to experiences within an industry that has yet to face up to #metoo.

PLASTIC BODIES is a co-creation by Amy Bryce (composer, deviser), Rosie Middleton (movement, concept, performer), Sarah Parkin (movement, concept, performer) Maya-Leigh Rosenwasser (electroacoustic composer, performer), Catherine Valve (filmmaker, director of videography, editor) with movement and dramaturgy input from Sofia Bagge.